About Our Rescue

Homeless to Homes Husky Rescue is a compassionate non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Huskies in need, providing them with a second chance at life and finding them loving forever homes. Founded in 2019, Homeless to Homes Husky Rescue has become a beacon of hope for abandoned, neglected, and homeless Huskies in the community.

With a team of dedicated volunteers and foster families, Homeless to Homes Husky Rescue works tirelessly to rescue huskies from shelters, the streets, and abusive situations. They provide immediate medical care, nourishment, and a safe environment for these beautiful and intelligent creatures to heal both physically and emotionally.

a boy and his two dogs homeless to home husky rescue

The rescue takes a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, addressing any medical conditions, behavioral issues, or trauma that the huskies may have endured. Through patient and loving guidance, they strive to restore their trust in humans and help them rediscover their true spirit.

Homeless to Homes Husky Rescue is committed to finding the perfect forever homes for each husky in their care. They thoroughly screen potential adopters to ensure a suitable match, promoting responsible pet ownership and educating the community about the specific needs and characteristics of the breed. Their goal is to create lasting and fulfilling relationships between huskies and their adoptive families, ensuring a lifetime of love, care, and happiness.

In addition to their rescue efforts, Homeless to Homes Husky Rescue actively advocates for responsible husky ownership, supports spaying and neutering programs, and collaborates with local animal welfare organizations to raise awareness about the plight of huskies and reduce the number of abandoned and homeless animals in the community.

Through their unwavering dedication, Homeless to Homes Husky Rescue has transformed the lives of countless huskies, bringing them from despair to a world of love, warmth, and security. Their tireless efforts inspire others to make a difference and demonstrate the incredible impact that can be achieved through compassion and a commitment to animal welfare.

Our Staff

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